10 Cool DIY Halloween Painted Faces

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If you’re looking to create a costume out of what you already own, we’d suggest going to your makeup collection before your closet. It’s an easy way to put together a costume that looks deceptively elaborate using everyday tools. These looks take common makeup products and use them in out-of-the-box ways:

1. Web Eyes


If we were to accidentally run into a spider web, we’d freak out and yell murder. But something about drawing it on our faces transforms an originally unpleasant thing to an insanely cool geometric design. Get the how-to here:


2. Skeleton


If everyone had x-ray vision, would we all look like this? We’re not sure, but it’s a creepy thought and we’re happy to go underneath the surface with this skeletal look:

3. Wonder Woman


Channel your inner superhero with this easy and super pretty makeup look:

4. Freaky Frida


Last week we showed you how to create this beautifully ornate makeup look inspired by painter Friday Khalo. Who knew floral could be so fitting for halloween?

5. Vampire


Vampires seem like a mainstream thing now, but we’re still holding off until Halloween to bust out the makeup blood.

6. Lion


It might be obvious, but we think Katy Perry should be a roaring Lion for Halloween.

7. Creepy Doll


Porcelain dolls have always freaked us out. We’ll stay away from houses of mirrors in order to pull off this ultra-creepy look:


8. Panda


We’re almost sure nothing is cuter than a panda. We’re going for the obscenely smoky eye with this fun Panda costume:

9. Comic Book Character


This pop art inspired look is graphic and completely attention grabbing. Just be sure to speak in speech bubbles the whole night.

10. Deer


Be literally doe-eyed with this adorable deer makeup tutorial that emphasizes and brights your eye:

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