10 Signs You’re Addicted to Your Phone

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My friends and I play this game you may have heard of. When we’re out to dinner, we put all of our phones in the middle of the table facedown, and if anyone dares to check their phone during dinner, they have to foot the entire bill. If this sounds like it’d be the roughest hour of your life, you’re probably addicted to your phone. Here’s some other signs you have a real addiction: 

1. You’ve had to learn how to use your non-dominant hand so that you can eat and text at the same time.



2. You have a permanent crick in your neck from looking down at your phone so much.


3. You can send a properly spelled text without looking at your phone’s keyboard.


4. Your friends worry when you don’t respond to your texts within a half an hour.


5. You’ve had countless occasions where you’ve freaked out thinking that you lost your phone, only to realize that you’re currently…on the phone.


6.  You constantly have to make this face because you weren’t really listening to your friend’s story, you were checking your phone.


7. You’ve dropped your phone on your face before while checking it in bed.


8. “Airplane mode” has made your life better.


9. You’ve checked facebook, instagram, or twitter before, closed it, and then without thinking reopened it immediately.


10. You could never send read receipts to others because they’d become painfully aware of how much your check your messages.

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