The Difference Between Concealer & Corrector

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Concealers are meant to do exactly as the name suggests, conceal areas on your face and body. Using the right concealer can make your skin appear even and well-rested. However, not all concealers are created equal! There is such thing as good and bad concealer. Bad concealer can range in flaws from being too white, too pink, chalky, dry or even greasy. Good concealer is smooth, creamy, blends easily and instantly brightens up your face. Correctors on the other hand are a specific color-based cream to counteract/neutralize pigmentation issues underneath makeup. Read on for our recommendations on how to use each type of makeup.


Avoid thick concealers.


Thick, heavy concealers tend to cake under they eye. Rubbing this into your skin will just irritate your eye area and cause wrinkles in the long run. Use lightweight formulas that you can layer on and blend easily.


Use concealer for normal under eye circles.


Concealers are meant to be 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. According to Bobbi Brown’s Beauty Evolution, this really does not make them ideal for blemishes because they are so light; if anything it will make them stand out more. To cover blemishes, you want a combination of concealer and foundation.


Use color corrector for extremely dark under eye circles.

This is similar to a concealer in that you use it to cover under eye circles. The difference is in the color. Correctors are a specific color-based cream to counteract/neutralize pigmentation issues underneath makeup.  They are more pink and peach in shade. This is because extremely dark under eye circles have a green or blue color to them. The pinkness of the corrector will counteract the green and lighten the eye area more than a regular concealer would. Pink based correctors work well with pale skin, while peach based correctors work well for darker complexions.



Bobbi Brown Corrector Bisque [left] and Peach [right].

If you use a corrector you may not need to use a concealer afterwards. You wear corrector to neutralize the green and blue tones under the eye to avoid having to keep laying concealer and foundation. You minimize the pigmentation issue with as little makeup as possible.

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